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EFL & IMG’s iFollow Revolution 05 Dec 2019

iFollow Revolution


The EFL and IMG partnership has seen a number of substantial improvements to the iFollow platform, which provides football fans with a new avenue to follow their team at home and abroad. iFollow continues to allow football fans that live abroad the opportunity to regularly engage with their club by watching live streamed fixtures from anywhere in the world.

IMG’s Senior Producer, Pete Walker, discussed new improvements to iFollow with The EFL Magazine reporter, Abi Rodwell:

With the contract for IMG to take this on being signed off in June 2019, we had to move quickly to be ready for the start of the season. The most challenging aspect was from an engineering prospective. We had to get into all EFL clubs, infrastructure had to be put in place and we needed to make sure we could get connectivity from all grounds in order for us to receive the live footage here at IMG Studios on a matchday. We had teams working on that pretty much 24/7 around the country until early August.

“On a matchday itself, three or four hours before kick-off our producers and engineers are on site here at Stockley Park, with the camera operators out at the grounds. We do a lot of tests to make sure we’re receiving the feeds here at the studio and there’s constant communication between everyone to make sure we’re ready for going live.”