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With a diverse client base comes diverse challenges. We get that, we thrive on it and this is what we excel at. We will let some of our clients explain why…

Premier League Productions The Premier League Content Service is a 24/7 high definition channel for licensees outside Europe. Launched in 2010, the Content Service is broadcast in the English language with over 40 hours of unique live studio content every week. It airs all 380 Premier League Matches with additional programme content including regular news bulletins and a live international fans participation show with phone-in, skype, email and twitter contributions. IMG Studios provide PLP with a dedicated studio, studio crew, transmission services and post production facilities.
nick moody head of premier league productions at img studios case study video image
nick moody head of premier league productions at img studios case study video image
Nick Moody
Head of Premier League Productions
The scale of what Premier League Productions need to deliver on a weekly basis is huge. To have a partner in IMG Studios that can facilitate everything in one building is phenomenal.
Nick Moody - Head of Premier League Productions
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 BBC Events returned to IMG Studios for a second year with the annual Eurovision Song Contest. A live feed of the semi-finals and final came from Stockholm into IMG Studios MCR, was then enhanced via our live galleries and transmitted on BBC1 and BBC 3. Studio B was used to provide live presentation of the UK voting results for the final.
ASDA Easter On-line Commercial VCCP were looking for a news set and TV studio as a location for the theme of their commercial for the ASDA supermarket chain. IMG Studios provided Studio C, Production Galleries, cameras and crew, as well as a set which was perfect for their needs.
Alaraby Television IMG Studios was able to assist Alaraby plan their channel start up, providing technical and practical support and expertise as well as the necessary facilities required. Alaraby TV successfully launched on 25th January 2015, providing a 24/7 current affairs channel across North Africa and the Middle East with a dedicated 2000 sq.ft. studio space, transmission and post production suites and production office space. Alaraby have since progressed to a second channel for transmission in Europe.
Lyes Meghriche
Operations Executive – Alaraby Television
It was a Guinness World Record because we managed to launch the channel in just seven months. It was a big challenge and without IMG Studios it just would not have been possible to launch in such a short time.
Lyes Meghriche - Operations Executive – Alaraby Television
ATP Media: Archive & Remote Production This has been a huge undertaking between IMG Studios and Imagen. With over 1000 hours of content available to download, it is the best place for dedicated ATP digital content. The site features a comprehensive and unique range of tennis archive from 2001 to the present day of all 1000 tournaments. By March 2017 an additional 800 hours will be available.
Rugby World Cup 2015 The Rugby World Cup 2015 boasted a global audience of 4.2 billion and IMG was proud to host the International Broadcast Centre for this prestigious sporting event, routing the multilateral feed from venues onto Globecast’s worldwide distribution network.
Wimbledon Tennis The IMG Library team responded to the brief to mass-migrate Wimbledon’s vast archive from tape to digital, with the creation of Key matches from Wimbledon’s history were logged and digitised over a two-year period. Wimbledon can now maintain and update the archive with the latest significant matches from each Championships.
FACEIT Streamed studio presentation and commentary of live major gaming tournaments, utilising IMG’s Studio B, production galleries, streaming and encoding facilities.
Alex Richardson
Host of the Overwatch Open online gaming tournament broadcast by FACEIT.
E-sports is growing; we haven’t really been in these kind of studios before, it's just really cool to get that TV vibe now for something that I've been doing for so long.
Alex Richardson - Host of the Overwatch Open broadcast by FACEIT.
UEFA Champions League Weekly IMG Productions and IMG Studios teams work around the clock to produce a beautifully creative and highly polished 30 minute weekly magazine programme for UEFA. We ensure a top class product is delivered to BT Sport and international customers on time and on budget, 52 weeks a year.
World’s Strongest Man IMG produces 6 highlights programmes of the World’s Strongest Man competition each year. All 6 shows are edited at IMG’s facility in New York and audio dubbed, QC’d and mastered here at IMG Studios before we deliver all as AS-11 files to Channel 5.
EDGE SPORT Commissioned and produced by IMG Media, EDGEsport consolidates the best of premium action sports into one accessible channel. Programming from the 24/7 HD channel is available for broadcast around the world, delivering the most up to date superior action sports content, covering the greatest live action sports events and ground-breaking programming from the worlds of Snow, Skate, Surf, BMX, Moto and more.
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IMG studios have laid the perfect foundations from which we can further develop our channel. In 2016 EDGEsport relocated production from Singapore to IMG Studios in London and became the world’s first TV channel to integrate cloud based delivery with live streaming. IMG Studios met all our requests, providing everything we required to survive at the front line of emergent technology. We look forward to working with them in 2017 and beyond.
Ian Morley - Producer and Editorial Manager for EDGEsport TV